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Welcome to the home of DoISO, the free ISO CD/DVD image maker (and now CD/DVD burner!) for Windows.

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DoISO is a simple GPL'd, free ISO creation frontend for mkisofs, the ultimate ISO creating utility. One day I wanted to make a DVD-sized ISO but found that my previously trusty ISO utilities would only go to CD size. mkisofs was the only utility available, and it required reading the manual every time I wanted to make an ISO, so in reality there was no such thing as making a quick ISO :(. I decided enough was enough, I had to have a reliable GUI for making any size ISO that I wanted, so I went back to some old commandline wrapping code I had used in another project (Mike Mayer's process launch code) and simply wrapped mkisofs.

DoISO was born, and I was happy because I could make quick, easy ISO's :).

DOISO has all the basics required for creating ISO's of any size that will automatically burn to DVD or CD.  For creating an ISO of a DVD video filesystem it utilizes mkisofs's ability to generate a DVD Video filesystem that once burned, will play in any standard DVD player.

Using the capabilities of mkisofs you can also generate bootable cd's/dvd's, automatically combine duplicate binaries (they still list in their original locations) to save space, as well as many less commonly used specialised formats.

Basic burning ability was introduced utilizing the Windows 2003 Resource Kit.  This allows you to 'burn on complete' after creating an ISO.  There is support for pre-erasing rewritable CD's/DVD's.

What's New

And now, as a new important addition to DoISO's features I've added burning support for CD's and DVD's via the Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools.   All this is available with explorer integration!



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