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Welcome to the home page for the WordNet.Net library - the .Net Framework library for WordNet.  The initial source release was on 6 June 2005.  This library is maintained and managed by Troy SimpsonMalcolm Crowe is the author of the legacy library code which is now superceded by several WordNet database versions and library enhancements/bug fixes.

Journal and article writers, please reference the WordNet library as:

Simpson T., Crowe M., 2005, WordNet.Net http://opensource.ebswift.com/WordNet.Net

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  • Download WordNet.Net for WordNet 3.0 via subversion from this repository: http://wordnetdotnet.googlecode.com/svn/trunk, or browse online.  See the instructions "How To Checkout WordNet.Net Source."
  • A WordNet 2.1 version of WordNet.Net has been tagged.  This tagged version is static - it will not be updated with any new bug fixes or enhancements.  All further development of WordNet.Net is now for WordNet 3.0.  Browse the WordNet 2.1 version online.  The subversion checkout address is http://wordnetdotnet.googlecode.com/svn/tags/WordNet2.1

Simplified Database Available

Geo Massar has kindly provided a simplified database for easier application development.  The file can be downloaded directly from this site here:

You can find more information about this simplified database and discuss it with Geo in the forum.  Geo is forum member 'KawaGeo'.

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WordNet.Net Project, Article and Journal References

My work on the WordNet.Net library has been cited in the following publications and projects:

Note that references vary, but ALL references that refer to this site or have used the library called WordNet.Net from 2005 onward is my rewrite of Malcolm's original work and therefore is relevant to this site and can be attributed to both Malcolm and myself.

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